Our second Masterclass took place last Sunday at the Brick Box Rooms in the centre of Bradford. The venue has a capacity of about 60 people, with a small area that can function as stage. Eleanor, from the Brick Box, explained a little about the philosophy of the place, and how it was a space that was open to people and their ideas.

Bradford poet, Kirsty Taylor, came along to share her expert advice on performance and the use of words. By the end of the day, everyone had created their own poem. They had also had a chance to explore their own creative ideas, and done a number of exercises to examine how it feels to be stood in front of audience.

Dom Sheard, came along to helps us with all “the tech stuff”. He has a background in DIY grassroots gigs and running events around Bradford. His session allowed everyone to work together to set up a PA, soundcheck guitars and vocals, and have a rig ready for our poetry performances at the end of the event. Using a problem solving approach, he enabled people to learn for themselves by doing the job.

Feedback from the event has been good. We’ve had requests to look at focusing on songwriting in the future. People also seem to be keen and excited about our next Masterclass about using computers to make music.

Our Youth Music Live! Showcase show, went out on BCB Radio on Thursday 7th November at 10pm, with a bit of a review of the event. We had conversation with Joshua and Ewan, feedback interviews from the day, and we showcased young local musicians. We’ve also had an interview and music from the folk from the Music, Performance and Production course at Bradford College.

Our Youth Music Live! Showcase shows are all on Mixcloud if you want to catch up.

Published by David Carpenter

Youth Development Worker at BCB Radio

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