Masterclass 5 -Play at Prospect

Last Sunday we all met up at Prospect Studios, a professional recording studio & rehearsal facility located in Allerton, Bradford.

The idea was to get a feel for what it takes to run a professional rehearsal and recording space in Bradford, but also to simply have another chance to play together.

We heard from Luke who had started the place when he was just 19, as a space to play in with is band. Over time it’s grown into 3 rehearsal spaces with recording facilities, with much of the improvements done in house.

We split into 3 groups to work, and with a little bit of help from our volunteers, Mike, Jonathan, and Henry, ran through some songs together (I heard Smells like Teen Spirit, Sweet Child o’ Mine, Fade Into You, The Middle, Blitzkrieg Bop and 505 among others).

At the end of the day each group was asked to perform their favourite/best song of the day to be recorded on video.

Brooke was also on hand to record some interviews and audio that we’ll put out on the radio.

Again, people seemed really keen to play. Everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves, and we got good feedback in terms of the event being what people wanted.

Suggestions for next time were things like ‘to play longer’, so we’ll see what we can do.

Here’s some audio from the day.

There is more audio from across the entire project on our Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages.

Big thank you to our volunteer, Syed, for editing the pictures.

Masterclass 4 – The Big Jam at Kala Sangam

We gathered at Kala Sangam on Sunday 2nd Feb, for a big jam in the large theatre space. We also had some tuition in how to use the lighting rig and gig photography.

Suggy showed us how to take photos with a DSLR camera, and some of the results are shown below. One of his top tips was to always send the band both the colour and the black and white versions…

The space was great, and Sam gave us a good idea on how the lighting rig worked, allowing some of us to get hands on and light the jam as it happened.

For the Jam we tried to create a supportive atmosphere that would give to the opportunity to try something new. Many people had a go on a different instrument, or joined in with people they don’t usually play with, or tried a new scale or chord progression.

In general, I think people just loved the opportunity to play with each other.

In other news, our latest Youth Music Live! showcase show aired at the end of January:

Computer Music – Masterclass 3

Our third masterclass was a collaboration with Shi and Kriss Blank from Wierdspace, hosted by the people at 30 Chapel Street.

Using paper, pens, dice, laptops, midi controllers and a whole bunch of experimentation, the group created a three track album, and released it on Bandcamp during the session.

Working in pairs, Shi and Kriss led participants through a number of creative ideas to get them working with freely available software (LMMS and Audacity) to produce a track that worked with experimental melodies, rhythms, and self recorded samples.

The goal of the masterclass was to allow people to create and experiment without judgement or pressure, in a supportive learning environment. As such the techniques are more important than the tools, so by giving everyone access to the same free tools, we level the playing field, and enable people to follow up in their own time.


Weirdspace is a makerspace in the city of Bradford with a focus on using technology to produce experimental and unconventional projects and art installations. Shi and Kriss have toured with musicians from acclaimed German electronic music record label Raster around 8 cities in the UK and worked with musicians on art installations in museums and art galleries with the current one being shown now at the Royal Festival Hall in Southbank Centre, London.

Kriss and Shi Blank

30 Chapel Street is an upcoming hub for arts, enterprise and tech in the heart of Bradford’s historic Little Germany district. In October 2019, 30 Chapel Street brought Red Bull Amaphiko to Bradford, for an ambitious week-long bootcamp offering aspiring social innovators the chance to connect and collaborate with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and storytellers..

Featured Artist

Featured Artist is a new show on BCB Radio that promotes young musicians from the district.

Our first show went out the other day and is available to listen again below.

If you would like to be the presenter on a show like this, check out our radio page for more details.

If you are a young musicians and you’d like to be our featured artist on one of the shows, then please contact us. And, if you have music that you would like us to play on the radio, visit our Promote Me page for details.

Performing in a small space – Masterclass 2

Our second Masterclass took place last Sunday at the Brick Box Rooms in the centre of Bradford. The venue has a capacity of about 60 people, with a small area that can function as stage. Eleanor, from the Brick Box, explained a little about the philosophy of the place, and how it was a space that was open to people and their ideas.

Bradford poet, Kirsty Taylor, came along to share her expert advice on performance and the use of words. By the end of the day, everyone had created their own poem. They had also had a chance to explore their own creative ideas, and done a number of exercises to examine how it feels to be stood in front of audience.

Dom Sheard, came along to helps us with all “the tech stuff”. He has a background in DIY grassroots gigs and running events around Bradford. His session allowed everyone to work together to set up a PA, soundcheck guitars and vocals, and have a rig ready for our poetry performances at the end of the event. Using a problem solving approach, he enabled people to learn for themselves by doing the job.

Feedback from the event has been good. We’ve had requests to look at focusing on songwriting in the future. People also seem to be keen and excited about our next Masterclass about using computers to make music.

Our Youth Music Live! Showcase show, went out on BCB Radio on Thursday 7th November at 10pm, with a bit of a review of the event. We had conversation with Joshua and Ewan, feedback interviews from the day, and we showcased young local musicians. We’ve also had an interview and music from the folk from the Music, Performance and Production course at Bradford College.

Our Youth Music Live! Showcase shows are all on Mixcloud if you want to catch up.

Radio Promos

A bunch of our young presenters have been working to put some promos together for the project.

The promos will be used on the radio throughout the schedule over the coming months.

We’ve got 4 different types that give a general overview of the project, put a call out for musicians and presenters, and advertise the masterclasses.

We’ve put them up on our Soundcloud page, and posted them below for you to have a listen.

Top photo: Danny Ryder
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Do It Yourself – Masterclass 1

Our first Masterclass was held on Sunday at FUSE Art Space.

Dean McPhee came along to show us his set up, talk about his career in music, touring, releasing music on vinyl, tape, and Spotify, and ferrets…

Lukas from FUSE told us about the venue, and showed us what it takes to set up the space and the sound for events.

It was great to meet so many new young people who were so into their music.

You might want to check out:

We’ve got a show on BCB Radio 106.6FM that goes out on Thursday 10th October 2019 at 10pm that showcases young Bradford musicians and talks about the Masterclass.


We got some good feedback on the event, both in terms of how much people had enjoyed it, and what else people would like to see.

The suggestions were either around playing and creating, e.g. working on songs together, writing lyrics, playing together, OR around understanding the industry, e.g. how to release music/get a deal, get gigs, build an audience and supportive networks, and so on. Sound engineering also came up as a suggestion, as did “Get more Jaffa cakes”

We’ve got more sessions planned – see our Masterclasses page and your input is welcome.

See you at the next one at the Brick Box Rooms on November 3rd. You can book your place via Eventbrite or just contact us.

First Taster Day

We had our first project taster day last Friday.

It was great to meet 8 young people that we’d never met before. Most had heard about us because of a Facebook post/event, and a couple had come because they’d heard from other BCB volunteers.

It was good fun. We got to have a play around in the radio studios, and to make some bleeps and beats with midi controllers and a laptop.

We also came up with some more ideas about what would be good to do as part of the project. That explains the picture.

We kick the project off properly in a week or so. We’ve got plans in place for our masterclasses and our radio training so watch this space.

Our new project

Bradford Community Broadcasting receives funding from Youth Music Foundation

Bradford Community Broadcasting (BCB) is delighted that they have been awarded funding from the Youth Music Foundation to support the development of youth music in Bradford.

BCB will be supporting young people to develop more opportunities for young musicians to perform live in Bradford, in venues appropriate for young people from diverse communities and backgrounds.

Though a series of regular workshops, young people will learn all the skills needed to put on live events themselves, hearing from industry professionals, venues and promoters. Young musicians will also be mentored to develop skills around how they can promote themselves to venues.

Another key strand to the project is for young people to become radio broadcasters on BCB Radio, producing and presenting music focused programmes, reflecting the wealth of young talent in Bradford.

We’re looking for young people in Bradford aged 12 – 25 , with a passion for music, to come together and develop their skills in whichever way they choose. We know how important music is for so many young people and we want to nurture that passion and support young people to understand the opportunities that are there for them in the music industry

BCB’s Director Mary Dowson says: ‘These are really exciting times for Bradford. We’re delighted to be working with some fantastic partner organisations to deliver the project including Kala Sangam, Brickbox, Fuse, The Underground, and Belle Vue Girls School. I’m sure that working together we can make some lasting change for young people in Bradford’.

The first taster sessions for the project will be held at BCB 11 Rawson Road BD1 3SH on Friday 23 and Friday 30 August 2- 4pm.

Anyone is very welcome to come.

To find out more about the project contact David Carpenter 01274 771677 or

The project runs for 2.5 years until December 2021.

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