Our third masterclass was a collaboration with Shi and Kriss Blank from Wierdspace, hosted by the people at 30 Chapel Street.

Using paper, pens, dice, laptops, midi controllers and a whole bunch of experimentation, the group created a three track album, and released it on Bandcamp during the session.

Working in pairs, Shi and Kriss led participants through a number of creative ideas to get them working with freely available software (LMMS and Audacity) to produce a track that worked with experimental melodies, rhythms, and self recorded samples.

The goal of the masterclass was to allow people to create and experiment without judgement or pressure, in a supportive learning environment. As such the techniques are more important than the tools, so by giving everyone access to the same free tools, we level the playing field, and enable people to follow up in their own time.


Weirdspace is a makerspace in the city of Bradford with a focus on using technology to produce experimental and unconventional projects and art installations. Shi and Kriss have toured with musicians from acclaimed German electronic music record label Raster around 8 cities in the UK and worked with musicians on art installations in museums and art galleries with the current one being shown now at the Royal Festival Hall in Southbank Centre, London.

Kriss and Shi Blank

30 Chapel Street is an upcoming hub for arts, enterprise and tech in the heart of Bradford’s historic Little Germany district. In October 2019, 30 Chapel Street brought Red Bull Amaphiko to Bradford, for an ambitious week-long bootcamp offering aspiring social innovators the chance to connect and collaborate with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and storytellers..

Published by David Carpenter

Youth Development Worker at BCB Radio

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