We gathered at Kala Sangam on Sunday 2nd Feb, for a big jam in the large theatre space. We also had some tuition in how to use the lighting rig and gig photography.

Suggy showed us how to take photos with a DSLR camera, and some of the results are shown below. One of his top tips was to always send the band both the colour and the black and white versions…

The space was great, and Sam gave us a good idea on how the lighting rig worked, allowing some of us to get hands on and light the jam as it happened.

For the Jam we tried to create a supportive atmosphere that would give to the opportunity to try something new. Many people had a go on a different instrument, or joined in with people they don’t usually play with, or tried a new scale or chord progression.

In general, I think people just loved the opportunity to play with each other.

In other news, our latest Youth Music Live! showcase show aired at the end of January:

Published by David Carpenter

Youth Development Worker at BCB Radio

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